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Easy-to-use SaaS software to control your company’s key metrics.

Metrics and Analysis

In the vast majority of companies, the survey of information and analyses of the main Indicators becomes exhausting, because they depend on specialized teams or a lot of time.

With IndicadoresInteligentes it is very easy and simple to get this information and with this a practicality that will only aggregate your company.

Create your FREE trial account for 15 days

Developed to save time and not lose, possibility of creating account by any social network. No credit card or payment is required, first you test the software and then you choose which Indicator module best fits for your organization.

Access Profile

Thinking about practicality and autonomy, we developed the IndicadoresInteligentes so that your company releases free access to third parties, such as your accounting. There are 3 levels of permission, Admin, read-only and Custom, where you can define which screens users have access to and what they can do on them (Insert, Edit, Delete or Export).

User creation

After creating the access conditions, it is only necessary to include the user in the system, with Name, Last Name, E-mail and what will be his permission. After inclusion, the new user will receive an email to confirm access to the account, simple and easy.


Importing data via CSV, XLS or Integration via your API

The IndicadoresInteligentes were designed for practicality, to focus on the purpose of your business. With this in mind, the software was developed accepting a simple import via CSV, XLS or an integration via API. The API is easy to understand and for import we have an example spreadsheet to facilitate understanding.